Cross-Cultural Orientation
A lesson about Brazil

A greater degree of security, comfort and efficiency for foreign nationals

The Cross-Cultural Orientation course provided by Immigration Assessoria a Estrangeiros is a complete package which makes it possible for foreign nationals to have an excellent introduction to the country of Brazil.

On becoming familiar with the principal aspects that constitute the customs and culture of Brazil and the way in which institutions work in the country, foreign nationals and their families will be able to:

become integrated into the local community with greater ease, thus facilitating the process of their cultural adaptation;
correctly interpret the many signs and meanings that are an integral part of personal and professional contacts and those made socially and at educational institutions;
carry out their activities with a greater degree of efficiency, control and success in their new environment;
feel more secure on realizing that they have the support of both their company and community.
Given at a place that is open to choice or suggested by Immigration, the basic module of the Cross-Cultural Orientation course covers everything necessary for the complete and rapid adaptation of the foreign national who comes to live in Brazil.

Participants receive valuable information about behavior, shopping, food and special regional differences. They learn how to dress appropriately for all kinds of occasion and how to establish satisfactory personal and professional relationships. Social etiquette, safety, health, comfort and services, geography, history and politics also make up an important part of this course.

Besides this, the basic module can be adapted to special needs of a particular individual or group of foreign nationals, with the addition of extra modules.

Specific doubts about the country are resolved and clarified by a foreign national who has had a great deal of experience of living in Brazil. All this is provided with the back up of various multimedia resources and course notes, in color, for consultation at a later time.

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